Crime Policy

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  • Crime Policy
    • acts or laws put in place by gov to improve well being of society
    • Theories..
      • Functionalist - research will help inform policy makers
        • Punishment uphold social solidarity and reinforces value consensus, public trial and punishment RET = cruel REST = repairs damage
      • Left realist - research can uncover issues and eradicate policies
        • More police, social and community prevention
      • Marxist - main role is to criticise capitalist policies
        • Maintains social order,WC criminalised, prisons make a lot of money for capitalism
      • Feminist - agree that fem research can help women
      • New Right - test current and propose new for individual responsibility
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    • Policy intervention
      • Ending Youth Crime - young criminals become career criminals, strengthening knife legislation and deterring gangs affiliation and early intervention crimes (ex-cons talking about life in prison)
      • Substance Abuse - Illegal leisure drugs should be more liberal so don't steal for habit and recovery programmes
      • Privation of Prisons - reforms in probation service which involve privately run sector - they overcharge the gov
    • Situational Crime -  reduce opps, target hardening based on rational choice theory
      • assumes criminals take rational calculations and ignores root causes
    • Environmental Crime - Broken Windows (Wilson and Kelling)
      • Doesn't tackle root, focus on poor
    • Social & Community Crime  - emphasis on potentials, tackle the causes
      • Give criminals victim status and Marxist says ignore influence of capitalism


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