Crime and the Media

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  • Crime and the Media
    • News Content
      • The content of the news is increasingly about crime
      • William and Dickenson
        • 30% of coverage of the SUN is devoted to crime
      • Greer and Reiner
        • Violent offences are more likely to feature in the news content then white collar crime
      • Homicide is the most widely reported type of crime
        • it makes up 1/3 of all report plus sex crime is also increasingly being reported
      • However...
        • Newburn
          • The news content can still be misleading as some reports are distorted
            • They disproportiantly feature high-status
            • They exaggerate the risk of being a victim of crime
    • Distortion of Crime
      • crimes that involve higher social classes are under reported or seen in a positive light
        • crimes such as white collar or corporate crimes
      • Newspapers select events which are uncommon
        • The criminal is usually depicted as immoral and violent
      • The women representations or bifurcation reinforces patricharcy
      • Ethnic minors are overrepresented, linked to  the assumption that minorities are more criminal
        • this has created stereotypes and bias towards minority groups
      • even though 90% of crimes are committed by adults, the media exaggerates youth crime
        • 40% of newspaper reports are based on violence by children and so are 48% of TV new stories
      • The language used to describe youth crime focuses on past crimes
        • it focuses on the irrational natures of the crime
        • innocence of the victim
        • Encourages strong action to be taken


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