Crime and News values

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  • Crime and News Values
    • Threshold
      • events have to be considered significant or dramatic to be in the news
        • A single **** will make it into the newspaper but a serial ****** will make it into national news
    • Proximity/ reference to elite nations
      • Items that have cultural meanings or geographical closeness to media audiences
    • Predictability
      • Stories that are predictable are more likely to be covered as media can plan ahead
    • Individualism /Personalisation
      • Focus on the action of, or conflict between individuals, avoiding complex explanations
    • Unambiguity
      • Events that are easily understood and not too complicated, without the need of background info
    • Graphic Images
      • Events that have film footage, images are newsworthy as they provide dramatic portrayal for audiences
    • Reference to elite persons
      • Crime and deviance involving celebrities or important or powerful people are more newsworthy
    • Children
      • If offenders or victims they are seen as more newsworthy
        • For example, Baby pete and Madiline McCan
    • Sex
      • Crime with sexual dimension, women as victims and especially involving famous people are newsworthy
        • Harvey Weinsten is said to sexual harassed many actresses


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