Crime & Deviance- Measuring crime

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  • Crime & Devaince- Measuring crime
    • Offical Crime Stats
      • Collected by police & gov
      • Positivists- Useful to understand large picture of crime.
      • Positivists- Reveals police bias & stereotyping
      • Some crimes not reported by victims (embarrasing,etc)
      • Some crimes not recorded by police (not serious offence, etc)
      • Some crimes underreported by police-  so look good
    • Victim Surveys
      • Sample taken of population
      • Asks if victims of crime
      • Better than OCS- overcomes the issues
      • Victims understood easier
      • Relies on victim memories- not reliable
    • Self Report Studies
      • Use questionnairs - ask if committed any offences
      • Shows extent of 'lesser' crimes (i.e. antisocial behaviour, illegal downloading, etc)
      • Box ('81)- very useful when studing antisocial behaviour by w/c & m/c


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