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  • Creature
    • Solitude
      • "irrevocably excluded" p. 78
      • "miserably alone" p. 78
    • Becoming miserable and evil
      • Reference to "Pandæmonium" the capital city of Hell in "Paradise Lost" p.82
        • "lake of fire" p.82
      • "I became fully convinced that I was in reality the monster that I am" p.88
      • "miserable deformity" p.88
    • Semantic field of pain/ misery
      • "Have I not suffered enough?" p.77
      • "miserable beyond all living things" p. 77
    • Social conditioning
      • "heard details of vice and bloodshed" when listening to Felix read a book to Safie p. 92-93
      • Other people are shocked when they see him. "some fled, some attacked" p.82
        • "Women fainted" "children shrieked" p.82
        • Causes him to think he is a figure to be hated, and there is something wrong with him.
      • "crept from my kennel" p.83
        • Sees himself as a lesser animal to humans.
      • "the strange system of human society was explained to me" p.93
      • Learns about what he doesn't have "father doted on the smiles of the infant" p. 93
        • "where were my friends and relations?" p. 94
    • "suspension of disbelief" - Coleridge. C could not have learnt language - impossible
    • C's register is very human which makes it easier to sympathise with him.
    • The De Lacy familly
      • Makes C hopeful which gives the reader hope.
        • "I should first win their favour, and afterwords their love" p.89
      • C learns to relate to other people "When they were unhappy, I was depressed" p.87
      • makes his story more believable by speaking of other people's pain too. "I observed the countenance of Felix was melancholy" p.92
      • C sees them as a "good" family but they're not in society's eyes.
      • They greeted C with "horror and consternation"p.104
        • Shows he will never be accepted.
        • Fear ties humans together
    • Fire is deceptive - beautiful but painful - Appearances can be deceiving.


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