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  • Music in Manchester through the ages
    • Each year will host not only live music (covers, tributes acts etc) of Manchester famous musician.
      • Themed foods and drinks from each era E.G. in the 40s public can taste Golden Nugget Cake (A popular dessert post war)
      • Actors & Performers will be dressed appropriately to each era and keeping the guest entertained aswell as educatingthem on each decade.
      • Special effects
        • Holograms
    • Venue initial ideas:
      • Manchester Central
        • Provides Characterand history which could be incorporated into experience
        • Good transport links near by
      • The Mayfield Depot
        • A large space is going to be required as the event will consist of multiple sets being built.
        • Close to Piccadilly train station: well accessible
    • The experience will begin during/ post WW2 and end at the present date 2020.
    • A walk through storytelling, interactive experience presenting Manchester and the music scene through the ages up to the present.
      • Each room represents a different era. E.G. public might walk through a "pub" in the 80s.


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