RE/ life our world- creation

this is about religious and scietific believes of how the world was created it is suitable for GCES life and RE it is about the our world unit and how the universe was created it gives you jewish and christian believes as well as scientific

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  • creation
    • of the world
      • religions
        • christians and jews
          • christians and jews believe that the world was created in 6 days by god
            • day 1 light and dark
              • day two the sea and sky
                • day three earth sea and plants
                  • day four sun moon and starts
                    • day five sea animals and birds
                      • day 6 land animals and humans
                        • day 7 god rested
      • scientists
        • singularity
          • big ball of hot material from nothing
            • very dense and hot
              • exploded
                • throwing the ruins and ash everywhere
                  • these ruins formed the galaxies and stars


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