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  • creation of universe
    • account of the creation
      • the story of creation varies depending on Genesis 1 or Genesis 2-3
        • genesis 1 -day 1 heaven, earth, light, dark day 2 separated earth and sky day 3 dry land, plants and trees day 4 sun, moon and stars day 5 fish and birds day 6 animals and humans
        • genesis 2-heaven and earth, formed man from dust, formed garden of eden, placed adam in GofE, created birds and animals for adam, from one of adams ribs created eve, snake tempted them to eat fruit and evil was created
    • importance for christians today
      • shows gods goodness
        • "god saw that it was good"
      • god gave them free will and knowledge meaning they are unique and have a choice between good or evil
      • responsibility for gods creation
        • stewardship


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