CPU and System performance

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  • CPU and System performance
    • CPU performance
      • Clock speed
        • The number of instructions a single processor core can carry out per second (Hz)
          • The higher the clock speed, the greater number of instructions that can be carried out
      • Number of cores
        • Each core can process data independently
          • The more cores, the more instructions it can carry out at once
      • Cache size
        • The cache inside the CPU is faster than RAM
          • A larger cache gives the CPU faster access to more data
    • RAM
      • If a computer has too little RAM it will run slowly as it will rely more on VM
      • The more RAM, the more applications it can run smoothly
      • Very easy to upgrade RAM
      • if the computer has enough RAM, increasing the RAM will do nothing
    • GPU
      • Graphical Processing Unit
      • Specialised circuits for handling graphics and image processing
      • Relieve the processing load on the CPU
      • Basic GPU's are put onto the motherboard


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