Outlining advantages of Covert Observation

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  • Intro
    • Definition
    • Favoured by interpretivists
      • Qualitative
        • Advantages: in depth, understanding
    • Paragraph 1
      • No Hawthorne effect - increases validity
        • Give example where this is a strength e.g studying bullying
      • Paragraph 2
        • Representative: large groups studied at once
          • A practical strength: not as time consuming as other RM's
            • Overall behaviour observed: easier than individual
        • Paragraph 3
          • An example where Covert Observation has been used
            • Glasgow Gang research
              • Why this worked for this study
          • Conclusion
            • Ethical disadvantages: no consent
              • Evaluate whether Covert observation should be used in sociological research
                • Name posititvists that may disagree with this RM


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