Covalent Substances

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    • Simple Molecular Substances
      • Feeble Intermolecular foces - low melting & Boiling point - molecules are easily parted from each other
      • Mostly gases or liqudis at room temp.
      • don't conduct electricity - no ions - no electrical charge
    • Giant Covalent structures are MACROMOLECULES
      • No Charged Ions, very high melting & boiling point, don't conduct electricity
      • Diamond - each carbon atoms have four covalent bonds - very rigid structure. Hardest natural substance - used for drill bits, also pretty and sparkly
      • Graphite - Each carbon atoms = 3 covalent bonds - layers - slide over each other - soft and slippery - weak intermolecular forces between layers - however good conductor of heat and electricity.
        • Each Carbon atom has one delocalised electron which conducts heat and electricity
      • Silicon Dioxide - (Silica) what sand is made of, one giant structure of silicon and oxygen


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