covalent bonding

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  • covalent bonding
    • What does Covalent mean?
      • non-metals react with non-metals and they share electrons
      • sharing electrons
      • it forms because the electrostatic attraction between the nuclei of the atoms and the shared electrons
      • there is no charge because electrons are shared not transferred
    • How many Electrons are there in a Single Covalent Bond?
      • in a single bond there is one electron
      • in a triple bond there are 3 electrons
    • When is a Compound called a Molecule?
      • Only covalent compounds are called molecules.
      • small number of atoms are called simple molecules
      • large number of atoms are called giant molecules
    • Draw a Dot and Cross diagram for a Chlorine Molecule.
    • Are Covalent Bonds Strong or Weak?
      • The force of attraction between molecules is very weak
    • Do Molecular Substances Conduct Electricity?
      • Molecules do not have a charge because of sharing electrons
      • they don't conduct electricity


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