Covalent and ionic bonding

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  • covalent and ionic bonding
    • a covalent bond is formed when two atoms share a pair of elctrons
      • the number of covalent bonds an atom formas depends on the number of electrons it needs to acheive a stable electronic structure
      • the atoms of non metals need to gain electrons to achieve stable electronic structure. they can do this by sharing electrons with other atoms. each shared pair of electrons strongly attracts two atoms forming covalebt bonds.
    • ionic bonding holds oppositely charges ions together in giant structures
      • the ions form a giant structure or lattice. the stong forces of attraction act throught the lattice
      • strong electrostatic forces of attraction act in all directions. Each ion in the giant structure of lattice is surrounded by ions with opposite charge and sp its held firmly in plance




Add diagrams to make it clearer. plus for ionic say that they become positively or negativity charged.

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