Covalent Structures

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  • Covalent Structures
    • Macromolecules
      • Strong covalent bonds.
        • Takes a large amount of energy to break down the structure.
        • Very high melting points
      • Diamond
        • Form of carbon that has a regular three dimensional giant structure.
        • Every carbon atom is covalently bonded to 4 other carbon atoms.
          • This makes it hard and transparent.
      • Graphite
        • Form of carbon in which the atoms are covalently bonded to 3 other carbon atoms in giant, flat 3 dimensional layers.
        • There are no covalent bonds so they slide over each other.
    • Simple Molecules
      • Strong covalent bonds only act between the atoms within the molecule so have weak intermolecular forces.
        • With the most weak make gases at room temp.
      • Low melting/ boiling points.
      • Do not conduct electricity because they do not have an overall charge.


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