As You Like It - Court

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  • Court - Research Lab
    • Costumes
      • Pastel Colours
        • Bright
        • Possible rankings (?)
      • Orlando and Rosalind dressed in green
        • Foreshadowing the forest
        • Rosalind so formally dressed to show status/strength
      • Celia dressed like a kid (brogues, burgundy/red jumper dress with peter pan collar)
        • Dark red shows status
        • Duke had matching colour on waistcoat
          • Shows family ties
        • Doesn't need to prove status (unlike Rosalind) and symbolises that she is still sheltered and treated like a child
    • Set
      • Trees on each computer screen and on desks
      • Floor colours match costume colours
      • Lockdown
        • Red lighting
        • THEME: Control
      • Confined space
        • Claustrophobic
    • Movement
      • Ordered/fast paced
        • Even in break - elevator music used for humorous effect
      • Mechanic
      • People who came from beneath the stage were generally lower status
        • e.g. Orlando
    • Wrestling
      • Made it seem more like a stockbrokers
        • Didn't fit with the style they were going for
      • Metaphor for the competitive environment
      • Community feel to it
        • Betting - entertainment
        • Boosts moral
    • Dystopian


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