Counter Urbanisation-St. Ives

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  • Counter Urbanisation-St. Ives
    • Background
      • History
        • It has a central chapel that was built in the fifteen century
        • The town has connections with Oliver Cromwell and his statue stands in the market place
        • There are fine Georgian and Victorian houses in the Broadway
      • Location
        • St. Ives is in Cambridgeshire, and is about 100km north of London
        • It lies on the A1123
        • The town is close to the main east coast railway line. Regular trains to London make the area accessible
        • The surrounding rural area is mainly farmland. However in recent years there have been many housing developments
      • Attraction
        • St, Ives is a picturesque town on the Great Ouse
        • The old building styles contribute to the character of the place and add to the attraction of living there
    • Changing population and prosperity
      • The population structure of the town is changing, One section of the community is ageing but another is becoming more youthful
      • A large proportion of the working population is now employed outside the town
        • There has been an influx of commuters to London (especially in the 90's)
          • The main line was electrified and journey times were increased
      • Housing in the area is affordable and there has been a boom in demand for property
      • People in St Ives generally have higher incomes and higher standards of living than people in other areas of the UK
      • Although prosperity of the town has increased there is an increasing gap between those who can afford the rising cost of living
    • Services in the town
      • The shops and services in the town have changes as population has altered
        • As well as there being supermarkets,  butchers, bakers etc there are also high-status services such as antique dealers and designer clothes shops
        • The bus service is becoming more reliable as services are now available at priority times
        • The secondary school roll is increasing


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