Geography Counter urbanisation

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  • Counter-Urbanisation (Wilmington)
    • How has it changed?
      • 1971 - A2 trunk road linking London to coast of Dover. However destruction of 2 houses, farmland and pollution.
      • Housing development post war and accelerated from 1980's including 5 new estates (large, quality semi-detached, gardens)Still current projects eg infill sites.
      • Population risen significantly, despite decline in last 20 yrs, no. of households 2,450-2665 in 10 yrs. from 1981.
      • population structure has changed, dominated by economically active pop. residential rise in residential homes
      • no. of services has declined, despite threshold pop, only a post office, antiques and general shop.
      • Does have access to 3 2nd schools, 2 primary, and special needs.
      • Car ownership has risen, % people working outside village increased therefore more cars in village.
      • traditional industries of village decreased.Industrial estate in 1980 accommodate electronis/printing.
      • Farming has declined, from 8 in 60's to 2. land = houses, or wild. golf courses, horse riding, 1% only in agriculture.
    • Why has it developed?
      • Communications- since construction of A2 had direct access to main London M25,
      • Housing - Recent Oakfield rise estate, designed for families with cars. Houses also on infill sites eg Monks Orchard. Large old 19C houses = care homes, school facilities or offices.
      • Suburbanisation - Village just to the south basically a suburb
      • Education - 2 single sex grammar schools and mixed high school, combined with primary schools thus demand for houses is high and house prices rise.
      • Rural character - retains rural image, with some farmland and woods, churches have been conserved. 4 areas also "special residential character"
      • Shopping - significant decline since 80's,  BLuewater, asda and lakeside all 15 minutes away so less in village. However developed a bus link to Bluewater.


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