Powers attitudes to Treaty of Versailles

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  • Powers attitudes to TOV
    • President Wilson - USA
      • Priority - creation of League of Nations. Peace could be maintained through compromise.
        • The way to build a peaceful Europe was through national self-determination.
    • President Clemenceau - France
      • Overriding principle - security. To end German threat for good by imposing a damaging 'Carthaginian Peace'.
        • Supported by French and British opinion
          • Confiscation of territory and restrictions on German military strength.
            • Also encouraged the strengthening of Poland at the expense of Germany.
        • C-peace: particularly harsh - designed to maintain the inferiority of the loser + humiliate them
    • David Lloyd George - UK
      • Didn't want to see an over-strengthened France
        • Agreed with France however that Germany needed to be punished.
          • Came under political pressure from home to support the French idea of damaging reparations.
        • Rhineland was to be demilitarized.
    • Article 231
      • making Germany solely responsible for the outbreak of war


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