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  • Cosmopolitan multiculralism
    • Cosmopolitanism
      • Different versions
        • 'pick and mix' multicultralism
          • individuals pick and mix from different features
            • variety of cultures
        • vision of society
          • where the collision of different cultures produces fusion thats different to any others but unique to place it occurs
        • all versions contain KEY ELEMENT of mixing different cultures
      • Process where large numbers of distinct cultures come into contact with one another
        • in this process: they produce a cultures that is unique
          • can be seen as ANTITHESIS of multicultralism
            • because at end of process: only one culture & identity
          • for fusion to occur - the existing cultures must be in place and capable of interacting with one another
            • for it to be effective - diversity of vultures has to consist of free & equal entities
              • OTHERWISE: one culture will be dominant and swamp the others
    • Cosmopolitans insist on MULTICULTURALISM & DIVERSITY
      • they are necessary preconditions for the desired fusion to come about
        • the new culture will be a combination of all the best source cultures
          • EG: JAZZ
            • has African origins BUT it couldn't come into existence in Africa
            • emerged from interaction of African American culture
              • whites seeking to free itself from European heritage
                • only could be created in USA as it fitted the demands for  truly american music
    • Cosmopolitanism is different to 'pick and mix'  mulitcultralism
      • in 'pick and mix' individuals make random cultural choices from a range of offers
        • such as diverse food and culture choices
        • its a HYBRID - possesses the features of more than one identity
          • in comparison TRUE COSMOPOLITANISM creates a new identity


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