Cosmological/causation argument

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  • Cosmological/causation argument
    • Explanation
      • 1.Everything we see in the world must have a cause
      • 2. Anything caused to exist must be caused by something else
      • 3. Only God can be the cause of the universe
      • 4. God must exist
    • Arguments for the explanation
      • If we look at things in the world, we can see that they have a cause e.g. temperature falling and water becoming ice at 0*c
      • Anything caused to exist must be caused by something else
        • As to cause your own existence, you would have to exist before you exist which is impossible
      • You cannot keep going back with causes, there must be a beginning
        • The only possible first cause of the universe is God
      • Mackie's train- the train has an engine and carriages. The carriages cannot move without the engine and each carriage pulls the other carriages. Carriages cannot move on their own
    • Arguments against the explanation
      • Why should the causes stop at God?
        • What Caused God?
        • How can God be the only thing uncaused by something if everything needs a cause?
      • Can matter not have been around for ever?
      • Why does the first cause have to be God? It could be any sort of creator
    • The explanation allows for God to be the creator of evolution (using the 7 days of creation) and the big bang


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