Cosmological Argument

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  • Cosmological Argument
    • Aquinas
      • 1st Way: Motion
        • Everything has the potential to change
          • PRIME MOVER
      • 2nd Way: Causation
        • Cause and effect is seen in the natural world. Whatever happens is caused by something else (illogical to say that something has caused itself)
          • There needs to be a first cause - God
      • 3rd Way: A necessary being
        • Nothing in our world is permanent - everything is contingent
          • It is possible that there was a time when nothing existed
            • There has to be something that is necessary that allowed contingent to exist
    • Copleston
      • Step 1: There are least some beings in the world that do not contain in themselves the reason for their existence
        • Step 2: The  things in the world are contingent. there is no world that is distinct from these objects
          • Step 3: The explanation for the world must have an explanation that is external
            • Step 4: The reason must ultimately be an existent being that contains within itself the reason for its own existence
    • Russell's Criticisms
      • Principle Of Sufficient Reason
        • What is a sufficient reason for something to cause something else to happen GOD?
      • Rejects that idea of a necessary being
        • Necessary cannot be applied to all things as an explanation for causes so the idea of a necessary being is rejected
    • Hume's Criticisms
      • Rejects the idea of moving from individual causes to a cause for everything in the world
        • Not everything needs to have a cause e.g. universe (does it need to have an explanation)
      • Rejects the idea of a Crhistian God as a necessary being
        • The cosmological argument doesn't tell anything about God's attributes
          • Hume suggested that the cause of the universe is a committee of Gods


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