Food Storage

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  • 1°C - 3°C for chillers
  • 1°C - 4°C for fridges
  • Correct Food Storage
    • 3 categories - dry, perishable, frozen
    • food should be stored on shelves, not the floor
    • have good cleaning schedules
    • 'First in-First out' rule
    • do not use any food past 'Use-by' date
    • clean and defrost fridges and freezers regularly
    • wipe storage shelves regularly
    • use fridges that display temperature on the outside
    • log temperatures of fridges and freezers at least twice a day
    • cover all food before refrigerating
    • good air circulation and humidity to keep food in good condition
    • report any signs of pests immediately
    • storekeepers need high standard of personal hygiene
    • as a general rule raw meats are stored in separate fridges to cooked meats
    • 1°C - 3°C for chillers
    • 1°C - 4°C for fridges
    • -18°C for freezers
    • dry food must be stored away from steam. Store room should not be too warm
    • all raw meat must be placed in trays to contain drips
  • -18°C for freezers


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