Hospitality- Corporate Identity

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  • Corporate Identity
    • Logo
      • There  is a logo on everything that the company sells/ gives out so when carrying or using one of that companies goods your as acting as a walking billboard for them
      • People will recognise the company easier
      • Provides awareness to the company
    • Advertising
      • Makes people want to go to the company
      • Companies spend millions on it but it gives them more profit in the long term
      • Makes the  company more recognisable and well known
      • Companies combine with others to give offers. E.G. car hire and accommodation deals
      • Slogans are also a good way of advertising the company
    • Dress Code
      • Cheaper because the company doesn't have to pay uniform allowance
      • All employees wear the same or similar uniforms depending on there role
      • Looks smarter and more consistent
    • Menu
      • The menu is similar throughout  the company so customers know what they are getting
      • Can make large orders to have bigger savings and more profit.
    • Layout of Establishment
      • The customer becomes familiar with the layout and knows what to expect from the company
      • The layout of all establishments are similar
  • Benefits to the company
  • Benefits to the customer


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