Unit 1: Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease

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  • Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors
    • Smoking
      • Carbon monoxide irreversibly combines with haemoglobin
        • Reduces oxygen-carrying capability of the blood
          • Heart has to pump harder to supply tissues = high blood pressure
      • Nicotine stimulates adrenaline production
        • Increases heart rate = high blood pressure
      • Nicotine makes platelets more 'sticky' =higher thrombosis risk
    • High Blood Pressure
      • Heart must pump harder to pump blood into arteries = heart more likely to fail
      • Increased aneurysm chance
      • Artery walls thicken to resist pressure = restricted blood flow
      • Damages lining of the arteries
      • High salt diet
      • Prolonged stress
      • Lack of exercise
    • Blood Cholesterol
      • Low-density lipoproteins infiltrate artery walls  = cause atheromas
      • High saturated fat diet


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