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  • Coronary Heart Disease
    • A healthy, well-balanced diet reduces teh risk of developing CHD because eating healthily helps to maintain a healthy weight, lower blood cholesterol levels, keep blood pressure within safe limits, prevent atherosclerosis
    • Risk Factors
      • Eating too much fat particularly saturated fat
      • Eating too much salt can lead to hypertension
      • Being overweight
      • Too much alcohol can damage the heart muscle, lead to hypertension,  and can also cause weight gain
      • Lack of physical activity leads to the heart not being exercised as a muscle
      • Smoking almost doubles a person's risk of heart attack as it damages the lining of the arteries allowing fatty deposits to build up there
      • Family history of heart disease may increase risk
      • Diabetes increases the risk of CHD. High blood sugar levels may affect the artery walls




need more ways to prevent CHD

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