Coronary heart disease

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  • Coronary Heart Disease
    • What is it?
      • When the hearts blood supply is blocked off or interrupted by a build-up of fatty substances in the coronary arteries
    • Symptoms
      • angina
      • heart attacks
      • light headedness
      • breathlessness
    • Causes
      • smoking
      • high blood pressure
      • high cholesterol
      • diabetes
      • no regular exercise
    • Treatment
      • improving lifestyle factors (quitting smoking, improve diet and exercise)
      • medication e.g. antiplatelets (blood thinners)
      • surgery e.g. angioplasty (small balloon inserted to push the fatty tissue in the artery outwards)
    • Impacts on the patient
      • Physical
        • difficulty carrying out some tasks due to breathlessness
      • Intellectual
        • lack of concentration when working
        • increased knowledge of the condition
      • Emotional
        • fear
        • embarrassment
        • denial
      • Social
        • isolating themselves
        • friends may be worried
      • Financial
        • wages decreased due to time taken off work


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