Coronary Heart Disease

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  • Coronary Heart Disease
    • A disease where the hearts doesn't get enough blood
    • No cure but can be treated
    • The risk of developing CHD can be reduced by lifestyle changes e.g. healthy eating , exercising and not smoking
    • Distribution of cases
      • It is more common in wealthier countries e.g. UK and USA
        • Ageing population - risk of CHD increases as you get older
        • Lifestyle factors - unhealthy lifestyle and being obese/ overweight increases the risk of CHD
          • Ready made food - more fat, sugar and salt
          • 'desk jobs'
          • Lack of physical activity (adult min. 30min a day)
      • Cases are increasing in poor and newly-industrialized countries (e.g sub-Saharan Africa and India) as their wealth increases
        • Increasing life expectancy - agein gpopulation
        • Social , economic and cultural changes - people are adapting Western diets and lifestyles e.g.smoking
          • May not be aware of the impacts of smoking on their health
    • Distribution of deaths
      • CHD is one of the worlds biggest killers
        • It caused 14% of global deaths i 1997. Over 80% of deaths occur in poor and newly-industrialized areas
          • Poor health care - treatments aren't affordable or available
      • Death rates are falling in wealthier countries because of improvements of diagnosing people at risk
        • Effective treatment, and awareness campaigns to prevent the disease
    • Non-communicable disease


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