Cornish Rebellion

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  • Cornish rebellion
    • Facts
      • Henry's VII army WAS 25,000, 200-2000 Cornish were dead.
      • Michael and Gof had tax levy
      • James Touchet gave noble support, Winchester, Bristol, Salisbury
      • 15,000 march to Devon attracting support, tax commissioner was killed.
      • Declaration of grievieneses, some went home, others stayed facing the king.
    • Long term causes
      • Henry ignored previous exemption making Cornwall very poor.
      • Finacial penalties crippled.
    • Short term causes
      • 1496, Scotland went to war and forced a loan from Cornwall resulting in anger.
      • Prisoners were sold into slavery.
      • Gof and Flackhack executed for being traitors.
      • Estates were seized for the crown.


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