Core Values of Socialism

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  • Core Values of Socialism
    • Collectivism
      • Socialists want a free market and agree with the idea of a centralised state to an extent
      • In the past 30 years, socialism has moved away from collectivism although traces of it still remain:
        • Workers part of Trade Unions
        • NHS
        • State Education
      • The move away from collectivism was because it was believed to:
        • Hold back enterprise
        • Suppressed instincts
        • Did not allow economic prosperity
    • Common Ownership
      • This idea has its roots in the Christian ideas of pooling and sharing resources - it is an alternative to private ownership
      • Socialists believe that no one has the right to claim that property exclusively belongs to them as it deprives others of its use
      • Socialists believe property ownership results in inequality and exploitation of those who do not own property
      • Common ownership =  economic equality which:
        • Creates natural state of society
        • Serves broader society (Utilitarian)
    • Economic Equality
      • Belief everyone to be born with equal rights and reject the idea that society may have a natural order
      • They believe in equality of opportunity and varying degrees of equality of outcome
      • Socialists recognise that we are all individuals with different abilities so inequality = inevitable BUT they want everyone to have the same opportunity
        • e.g. Welfare = minimum standard of living for everyone
    • Social Justice
      • Applies to the way in which the rewards from the economy are distributed
      • Revolutionary Socialists and Marxists: Capitalism will never produce fair distribution because it is inherently unequal and relies on incentives
      • Moderate socialists: Believe fair distribution can be achieved through modification (minimum wage legislation and trade union rights)
    • Class Conflict
      • Social Democrats: Virtually ignored class as a key consideration
      • Democratic Socialists: Seek to modify capitalism through state intervention and through welfare provision
      • Non-Revolutionary Socialists: Aim to create govs that operate primarily in the interests of the working class
      • Revolutionary Socialists: Believe that capitalism is at the heart of class conflict. In order to eliminate class conflict, capitalism must be replaced with a socialist system


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