Core Physics

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  • Core Physics
    • Visible light and the Solar System
      • Geocentric Model
        • Created by Greek astronomer Ptolemy
        • The idea that the Earth was at the centre of the universe, and every other planet and the sun orbited it
      • Heliocentric model
        • Created by Copernicus
          • Copernicus's model didn't include Uranus, Neptune and drawf planet Pluto
        • Put the Sun at the centre of the Universe and everything else orbiting it
          • Pioneered by Italian Astronomer Galileo Galilei
            • Discovered Jupiter had 4 moons
            • Put him into conflict with the Catholic Church
      • Telescopes
        • Optical Telescopes
          • Observe visible light from Space
          • Cannot be used in poor or cloudy weather
        • Radio Telescopes
          • Detect radiowaves coming from space
          • expensive and very large
          • Can be used in bad weather and can be used in both day and night
        • Lense
          • A transparent block that causes light to refract
        • Refracting telescopes
          • Some of light reflects off the lense so the image is very faint
          • Large lenses are needed to improve magnification, can be difficult to do perfectly
    • Electromagnetic spectrum
      • Visible
        • White light can form a spectrum
        • They are transverse waves
          • X-ray
            • Damage cells causing mutations and cell death
      • Infrared
        • William Herschel discovered it
        • They are transverse waves
          • X-ray
            • Damage cells causing mutations and cell death
        • Causes skin burns
      • Ultra-violet
        • Johann Ritter discovered it
          • Using silver chlorides
        • Found naturally in sunlight
      • Micro
        • Causes internal heating of body tissue
      • Radio
        • Lowest frequency, shortest wavelength
      • Gamma
        • Highest frequency, longest wavelength


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