Core Themes of Liberalism

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  • Core Themes of Liberalism
    • Freedom
      • Humans should have the ability to act as they wish without laws or society limiting you
        • Positive Freedom
          • The state intervenes in order to increase freedom (the enabling state)
        • Negative Freedom
          • Citizens are left alone with no constraints from the government
    • Justice
      • A moral standard of fairness and impartiality.
      • Social justice
        • The notion of a fair or justifiable distribution of wealth and rewards in society
    • Reason
      • Humans have the mental capacity to take control of their own lives.
    • Individual
      • All individuals are unique and equally valuable.
      • An individual cannot be categorised in to a group.
    • Toleration
      • The acceptance of the differing opinions/views of others regardless of whether you agree or not


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