abiotic and biotic factors affecting coral

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  • Coral
    • what is it?
      • made up of many individual polyps
      • member of the same phylum as jelly fish and sea anemomies
      • has a hard shell of calcium carbonate
      • eat zooplankton with their tentacles
    • adaptations of coral
      • attachment
      • symbiosis
        • uses carbohydrates and oxygen from zooxanthellea
        • nitrogen and phosphorous are recycled between the organisms
      • toxins
        • secrete toxins to kill or deter preditors
    • biotic factors afecting coral
      • primary consumers
      • secondary consumers
      • thermal expansion, sea level rise, exploitation, tourism
    • abiotic factors afecting coral
      • temperature 23 to 29 degrees C
      • salinity 32 to 40%
      • availability of calcium and carbonate ions
      • availability of light, 25 m from surface
      • turbidity of water
      • currents


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