Coping with Life

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  • Coping With Life
    • Death
      • Surround yourself with a circle of support and make sure there's always one or a group of people to turn to that you love and trust
      • Take one day at a time, take thing as they come and don't worry about the future
    • Accident
      • Talk to people who you trust about how you feel
      • Try to stay active providing your doctor says its okay to do so
    • Being a victim of crime
      • Take care of your mid and body by getting the right amount of rest, eating healthy and exercising regularly
      • Reestablish your normal routine quickly but make sure not to over do it
    • Becoming disabled
      • Do not ignore your feelings or feel like you are unable to express your feelings
      • Take advantage of things you can still do and new things you can learn to do
    • Illness
      • Balance the demands of your illness and the demands of your everyday life
      • Know as much as you can about the illness, ask questions and seek advice when needed
    • Divorce
      • Give yourself a break, don't feel like you don't have time for yourself
      • Don't go through it on your own, involve people in your life that you trust and love
    • Loosing Their Job
      • Give yourself time to adjust to the new routine
      • Open up to partners and family


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