Biology:Coordination and Control

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  • Coordination and Control
    • Responding to change
      • Receptors
        • Found in the sense organs ( eye , ear, nose, tongue and skin)
        • Light simulates receptors in eye and impulses pass to the brain along neurons
    • Central Nervous System
      • Nerves contain neurons
        • Sensory neurons: Receptor to the CNS
    • Reflex actions
      • Receptor detects stimuli ( sharp pain)
    • Controlling Conditions
      • Internal enviroment
        • Water
        • Ion content
        • Temperature
        • Blood sugar levels
    • How Plants Grow
      • 1)  A bean plant is laid on it side in the dark. Auxin is equally spread through the tissue
        • 2) In the root, more auxin gathers on the lower side
          • 3) The root grows down into the soil. As it goes down, the auxin is evenly spread again.


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