Cool Antarctica - Extreme Tourism

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  • Cool Antarctica - Extreme Tourism
    • Positives
      • Creates jobs - Tour Operators
      • Creates a wider environmental awareness for tourists
        • When you return home you may want to change your life style to support the environment you visited
          • May want to become more energy efficient
      • Income - reinvested to area to create more awareness of supporting this kind of environment
    • Negatives
      • Many animals that live there are verge extinction
      • Animals breeding and feeding patterns diisturbed
      • Trees cut down for fuel and timber for tourists and infrastructure leading to de-forestation
      • Seas polluted due to boats bringing tourists over to visit
      • Rubbish that wont breakdown left in the area
      • Sewage deposited in sea
      • Jobs- Tour Operators - seasonal as it can be very dark in many months
    • Solutions
      • Alternative energy sources, using wind power to generate electricity
        • The energy generated can be used on the accommodation for tourists
      • Exhibition to educate tourists how to take care of this kind of environment
    • Facts
      • 30,000 - 40,000 summer tourists
      • Natural features
      • Located in the South Pole
    • Why do people go there?
      • Outstanding natural beauty
      • Unique landscapes
      • See animals in their natural habitats
        • Seals, Penguins, Whales
      • A sense of achievement


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