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  • Conversion
    • types of conversion
      • atheist to faith
        • C.S lewis moved from being an atheist (due to his war time experiences) to faith, in 1931. Lewis became a lifelong Christian, writing many books on faith
      • Faith to faith
        • Sundar Singh, was raised a devout Sikh, however had a vision of Jesus and became an active Christian for the rest of his life
      • Inner self
        • Linked to the idea of psychologists like Jung, who believed in conversion to religion bought psychological wholeness
      • Deepening of faith
        • They can have an intellectual belief in God, but a conversion could mean their faith comes from their heart
      • Moral
        • Sometimes a conversion leads to increased moral standing. For example, 1960's pop star Cat Stevens gave up drugs, alcohol when he converted to Islam
        • Augustine's wayward life was challenged when he read the words from Romans, which exhorts the reader to abandon the works of the flesh and be clothed with Christ
    • William James' key features of conversion
      • Communal
        • In 'Act of Apostles' the disciples jointly received the Holy Spirit
      • active
        • A person seeks conversion e.g. in services like the Toronto Blessings
      • individual
        • John Wesley's vivid experience that enlightened his faith. He wrote 'I felt my heart strangely warmedI felt I did trust Christ, for salvation and an assurance that he has taken away my sins'
        • St Paul saw blinding light and heard the voice of Jesus calling him to ministry
      • gradual/ sudden
      • passive
        • the experience comes upon someone unexpectedly without them seeing it


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