Convection, Condensation and Evaporation

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  • Convection, Condensation and Evaporation
    • When more energetic particles move from the hotter to cooler region and take their heat energy with them
    • Convection currents
      • About changes in density, heated particles with lots of energy rise, and then when they cool and lose energy, become more dense, then they fall
    • Condensation- gas turns to liquid
      • As a gas cools, its particles slow down and lose kinetic energy, and the attractive forces between the particles pull them closer together, make it a liquid
    • Evaporation - liquids turns to gas
      • Particles escape from a liquid by having enough inetic energy to overcome attractive forces
        • The fastest particles are most likely to escape,, so when they do, the average energy speed and kinetic energy of the remaining particles decreases, so the temperature falls


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