Controls and factors affecting transpiration

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  • Controls an factors affecting transpiration
    • Stomata
      • Turgor driven process
      • Environmental conditions preferable
        • Solutes pumped in by active transport increasing turgor
    • Light
      • Light- stomata open for photosynthesis
      • Intensity increases number of stomata so water vapour increases
    • Relative humidity
      • Very high reduces water vapour potential gradient between inside and outside of the leaf.
    • Temperature
      • Increases KE of water molecules and rate of evaporation from mesophyll cells into the air.
      • Increases concentration of water vapour that the external air can hold before e it becomes saturated.
    • Air movement
      • Water vapour around stomata increases reducing the diffusion gradient and increasing the transpiration gradient.
    • Soil water
      • If dry transpiration will decrease.


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