Controlling Body Temperature and Blood Glucose

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  • Controlling Body Temperature
    • Body temperature needs to stay at 37'' this is your core body temperature
    • Basic Temperature Control
      • Control of your core body temperature relies on thermoregulatory centre
        • This is in your brain and contains receptors that are sensitive to temperature changes
          • They monitor the temperature of blood flowing through the brain
      • There are also receptors in the skin that send impulses to -->
      • Less blood flows through your skin so you loose less energy
      • Blood vessels constrict, reduces the amount of energy lost by radiation
      • May shiver, muscles contract and relax rapidly, this needs respiration which releases energy, raising your body temperature
      • Hairs are pulled erect to trap insulating layer of air
    • Controlling Blood Glucose
      • Cells need a constant supply of glucose for respiration
      • Insulin
        • Pancreas monitors and controls your blood glucose concentration, using insulin
          • When your blood glucose concentration rises after you have eaten a meal insulin is released
          • Insulin allows glucose to move from the blood into your cells where it is used
          • Soluble glucose is converted into an insoluble carbohydrate called glycogen
          • Insulin controls the amount of glycogen stored in the liver
            • Glycogen can be converted back to glucose when needed
        • When your blood glucose concentration falls below the ideal range the pancreas secrete glugagon
          • Glucagon makes your liver break down glycogen, converting it into glucose
      • Diabetes
        • If your pancreas don't make enough or any insulin you have type 1 diabetes
        • Blood glucose levels will get really high after you eat
        • Without insulin glucose cant get into the cells in your body so you lack energy and feel tired
        • You break down fat and protein to use as fuel instead so you loose weight
        • Insulin is normally injected before a meal
          • As a result glucose levels are then kept normal


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