Controlling blood glucose

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  • Controlling Blood Glucose
    • GLUCOSE - sugar found in blood
    • GLYCOGEN - storage carbohydrate found in the liver and muscle
    • GLUCAGON - hormone
    • Glucose is needed for respiration of cells
    • PANCREAS - constantly monitors and controls your blood glucose conc using insulin and glucagon
    • Blood level too high!
      • Blood with too much glucose
      • Insulin secreted by pancreas
      • Too much glucose but insulin as well
      • Insulin
      • Glucose removed by the liver
      • Insulin makes liver turn glucose into glycogen
    • Blood level too low!
      • Blood with too little glucose
      • Glucagon secreted by pancreas
      • Too little glucose but glucagon as well
      • Glucagon
      • Glucose added by liver
      • Glucagon makes liver turn glycogen into glucose
      • Blood glucose increased


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