Controlling blood glucose levels

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  • Controlling Blood Glucose
    • Insulin and glucagon control blood glucose level
      • Normal metabolism of cells removes glucose from the blood
      • Vigorous exercise removes more glucose from the blood
      • Changes in blood glucose are monitored and controlled by the PANCREAS using the hormones insulin and glucagon
        • Glucose levels in blood to high, insulin added
          • Insulin makes liver turn glucose into glycogen
        • Glucose levels in blood too low, glucagon is addded
          • Glucagoon makes liver turn glycogen into glucose
    • Type 1 diabetes- a lack of insulin
      • Pancreas produces little or no insulin
        • A person's blood glucose can rise to a level that can kill them
      • Controlling it
        • Avoiding foods rich in simple carbohydrates e.g sugars. Exercise after eating to use up extra glucose produced during digestion
        • Injecting insulin into blood at mealtimes, so the liver will remove the glucose as soon as it enters the blood from the gut as the food is digested: EFFECTIVE
          • Amount injected depends upon a person's diet and how active they are
          • Human insulin made by genetic engineering
          • Helps control blood glucose levels but patient may still have long term health problems
        • Pancreas transplant
          • Disadvatages: Immuno suppressants needed which often have serious side affects
          • Experimenting with artificial pancreases and stem cell research


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