Control over chidren's space

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  • Control over children's space
    • Children's movements in industrial societies are highly regulated.
      • For example: shops may display signs such as :"no school children."
    • Example: There is increasingly close surveillance over children in public spaces such as shopping centres, especially at times when children should be in school.
    • Fears about road safety and "stranger danger," has lead to more children being driven to school rather than children travelling independently
      • Evidence: Hillman:In 1971, 80% of 7-8 year olds were allowed to go to school without adult supervision. By 1990, it was 9%.
      • Hugh Cunningham (2007): The "home habitat," of 8 year olds (the area in which they are able to travel alone) has shrunk to 1/9 of a size it was 25 years ago.
    • This control and surveillance contrasts with the independence of many children in third world countries today
      • Example: Cindi Katz (1993): describes how rural Sundanese children roam freely both within the village and for several kilometres outside it.


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