Unit 4: Aquaculture - Control of Limiting Factors

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  • Control of Limiting Factors
    • Temperature - affects productivity and dissolved oxygen levels
      • Heating and cooling systems
      • Outdoor farms located in warmer or colder areas
    • Dissolved oxygen levels - optimised for aerobic respiration
      • Water sprays or weirs that agitate the water
    • pH - affects solubility of ions
      • Lime and pH buffers added
    • Ammonia levels - can be toxic and influence pH
      • Removal using bacteria
    • Water flow rate - high to produce muscular fish and increase stocking densities (swim in same direction)
      • Pumps
    • Light levels - influences spawning and smoltification (adaption from fresh to seawater)
      • Artificial lighting
    • Mineral salts or nutrients
      • Addition or removal
    • Pests, parasites and diseases
      • Removing diseased fish
      • Antibiotic and pesticide use
    • Predation and competition
      • Reared in enclosed tanks
    • Food availability
      • Fed concentrated pellets of specially formulated food


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