Unit 4: Agriculture - Control of Abiotic Factors

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  • Control of Abiotic Factors
    • Temperature
      • Artificial greenhouse heating - extends growing season and allows growth of out of season crops
      • Fiberglass matting or polythene tunnels - protects young plants
      • Heating livestock houses - increases gross productivity
    • Light
      • Artificial lighting - increase day length, extends growing season, stimulates flowering and allow growth at night
      • Light in poultry batteries - short day lengths to encourage growth then longs ones to simulate laying
    • Carbon Dioxide
      • Burning paraffin in greenhouses
    • Water
      • Good cultural techniques - make use of available water
      • High humus content
      • Minimizing heavy machinery use - minimizes soil compaction and reduces runoff
      • High worm numbers - increase infiltration rates (mixing)
      • Artificial irrigation - sprays lose water and buried pipes are more expensive
      • Deep ploughing, digging drainage ditches or perforated pipes - increase drainage
    • Nutrient Supplies
      • Fertilisers
      • Leguminous plants - root nodule bacteria fix nitrogen
      • Ploughing and drainage - encourages aerobic nitrogen-fixing bacteria
      • Crop rotation - reduces the chances of certain nutrients depleting


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