Control in plants

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  • Control in Plants
    • Plants are sensitive to...
      • Light
        • Shoots grow towards light for  photosynthesis
          • Positive Phototropism
      • Moisture
        • Roots grow towards moisture
          • Positive Hydrotropism
          • Roots always have a stronger response to water that gravity.
      • Gravity
        • Shoots grow against the force of gravity
          • Negative geotropism
    • Tropisms
      • A growth movement in response to a stimulus
      • Light
        • Phototropism
      • Water
        • Hydrotropism
      • Gravity
        • Geotropism
    • Auxins
      • Plant growth hormones
      • Produced in the shoot tips and roots down the stem.
      • Speed up growth in shoots
        • Inhibit growth in roots.
      • Responsible for plant growth responses
    • Using plant hormones
      • Encourage root growth in plant soil.
        • Enables plant to obtain water and to be anchored in.
        • Enables plants to be cloned quickly, cheaply and easily.
      • Weed killers
        • Most weeds are broad leaved plants whereas crops are narrow leaved plants
          • Weed killers contain concentrations of plant hormones that are only effective to broad leaved plants.
            • Allows farmers to kill off weeds whilst leaving their plants unharmed


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