Control and Terror

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  • Control and Terror
    • Propaganda
      • The Nazis controlled Newspapers, Radio and all areas of culture; including Arts, Films and the Theatre. Nazi propaganda was every where, including posters and architecture from this period.
      • Censorship:
        • Removing anything that harm order; including anti-Nazi newspapers
        • No foreign radios.
      • Videos before all films showing Nazi rallies and propaganda reels.
    • Government
      • The way that Hitler consolidated power meant that  he had total control over the government, and how laws were made in Germany.
      • Hitler had complete control over national and local governments.
      • POLITICAL power.
    • Religion.
      • Hitler tried to reduce the hold religion had over German peoples lives.
      • He used the church to spread Nazi ideas by putting Swastikas in every church.
      • SOCIAL power.
      • Hitler believed that religion was a threat to the amount of control the Nazis had over people; however, he did respect some of the churches values (e.g. the importance of family)
    • E.L.P.H
      • Enabling act
      • Local government re-organised.
      • Political parties banned.
    • Young People
      • Education
        • Teachers had to join the National Socialist Teachers' League
        • All textbooks were re-written.
        • Boys studied P.E, Sciences and Maths, but girls were expected to do Home Economics and Cooking.
        • Large concentration on physical fitness.
        • Schools were separated so that exceptional children all went to the same  school.
      • Youth Organisations
        • BDM
          • it was compulsory
          • taught about cooking, the church and looking after children.
        • Hitler Youth
          • taught young boys how to be soldiers
          • it was compulsory.


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