Control of the Press and Censorship in Fascist Italy

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  • Control of the press and censorship in Fascist Italy
    • Mussolini = ex-editor of "Il Popolo d'Italia"
      • still avidly reads the newspapers
        • editors knew opposition would be treated with severely
          • anti-fascists could not connect with potential audiences
    • Post-1925
      • Repressive Laws
        • December 1925
          • Press Law only  journalists , who are registered by the fascists can write
      • Independent newspapers are closed
        • "La Stampa" is banned in September 1925
        • "La Critica" survives
        • Editors are arrested (exp: Luigi Albertini of "Corriere della Sera"in 1925
    • Censorship
      • Catholic Paper "Osservatore Romano" survives due to never directly criticising
      • Avoid negative news
        • Positive news was superficial
          • Mussolini's movements
          • Royal Family
          • Ceremonies
        • To maintain the idea of the glorious Italian state!
      • Press Office was expanded in 1935 to become the Ministry of Press and Propaganda
        • 1937 this was renamed the Ministry of Popular Culture
      • Editors censored their own work to avoid Fascist intervention


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