enzyme inhibitors

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  • Control of metabolic activity
    • Competitive
      • Molecule has similar shape so it can fit into the active site.
        • Blocks substrate, prevents it from catalysing
          • Inhibited
      • Substrate and inhibitor molecules compete
      • Statins
        • reduce high cholesterol concentration.
    • Effects on rate of reaction
      • If substrate molecule is increased enough there will be more substrate.
    • Non- competitive
      • Inhibitor binds at another site
        • Allosteric site
      • Irreversible non-competitive inhibtors
        • Can't be removed
          • Toxic
            • Organophosphates
    • Effects of rate of reaction
      • Increasing concentrationdecreases rate of reaction.
    • End product inhibition
      • Negative feedback
      • Product acts as inhibitor
      • ATP


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