Control in Plants

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  • Control in plants
    • Hormones
      • Reaction to light is called phototropism
        • Plant shoots grow towards the light
      • Shoot growing against force of gravity
      • Root growing towards the force of gravity
        • Also grow in the direction of moisture
      • Auxin
        • Shoots
          • Encourages growth
            • Auxin moves away from the direction the light is coming from
              • Side with auxin will grow quickly unlike side without
                • Negative Photo-tropism
        • Roots
          • Slows growth
            • Side with auxin is slower growth
              • Auxin side will bend down towards gravity
      • Rooting compounds has hormones which encourage growth of roots
        • Eg take a cutting of plant dip in powder dip in soil roots will grow and grow into plant
      • Using auxin
        • Encourage rapid growth of weeds
          • Weed killer sprayed absorbed by weeds
            • Causes accelerated growth and death of plant


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