control and regulation of cardiac cycle

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  • control and regulation of the cardiac cycle
    • pumping and filling is brought about by electrical control
    • SA node
      • passes electrical wave through the atria
        • making them contract
    • fibrous tissue
      • spans he heart between atria and ventricles
      • prevents wave passing through
    • AV node
      • patch of tissue that allows current through
      • top of the wall separating two ventricles
      • slows passage of current down
        • allows ventricles to fill with blood
    • purkyne fibres
      • carry current to middle of the ventricles
        • to the base of the heart
      • allows bottom of the heart to contract first
        • results in upward squeezing action
          • forcing blood out into arteries
    • electrical co coordination can be observed through ECG monitor
      • electrodes attached to the chest
      • P wave
        • atria's contracting
      • QRS wave
        • ventricles contracting
          • systole
      • T wave
        • ventricles relaxing
          • diastole
      • ECG trace
        • represents cardiac cycle
        • lasts 0.85 seconds
          • a heartbeat
        • can show issues affecting the heart


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